Touch Interface

Shaw Communications, Inc., 2011

Mobile / touch interface design.

Digifaces iPhone App

Digifaces iPhone App, 2011

iPhone application design for a market research company.

Icon Design

Icon Design

Shaw Communications, 2012

Icon and landing page design.

Exo on Demand

Shaw Exo on Demand

Shaw Communications, Inc., 2012

Shaw Exo on Demand – part of the Shaw network rebrand.

Director's Chair 2012

Shaw Director’s Chair Redesign

Shaw Communications, Inc., 2012

Redesign for Shaw’s weekly Video on Demand newsletter.

My Shaw

My Shaw

Shaw Communications, Inc., 2011

Customer start page redesign for one of Canada’s largest communications companies.

Shaw Customer Centre

Shaw Customer Centre

Shaw Communications, Inc., 2011

Account and service management website redesign for Shaw Communications.


Evaluat, 2011

UX and website design for Romania’s first website dedicated to user reviews. Project also required user testing sessions, identity and email design.

Shaw Speed Test Design

Shaw Speed Test

Shaw Communications, Inc., 2010

Web design and UX for Shaw’s online Speed Test application.

VOD Website Redesign

Shaw VOD Proposal

Shaw Communications, Inc., 2009

Design proposal for Shaw’s Video on Demand website.

Shaw Video on Demand Player Design

Shaw Video on Demand Player

Shaw Communications, Inc., 2011

Interface design for the online video player on Shaw Video on Demand. Website Design Proposal

Shaw Communications, Inc., 2008

Design proposal for Shaw Communications’s main customer facing website.